Phil Bredesen Answers to Washington Democrats, Not Tennessee

Phil Bredesen is running a phony campaign. He says he is “applying for the job,” but he’s not qualified to represent Tennessee in the Senate. He wanted Hillary Clinton to be our president, donating $33,400 to elect her. He is already bought and paid for by Chuck Schumer and liberal Washington Democrats, and he will be a reliable vote for them in the Senate.

As governor, he gave drivers’ certificates to illegal immigrants, which made Tennessee a hub for illegal immigrants. He also increased taxes and fees by nearly $1 billion. Now, he’s showing Tennesseans he won’t stand up to radical liberals at home, and he certainly won’t stand up to them if he were to get to Washington. He says he’s one of us, but he’s a liberal elitist, who claims to be from a “more sophisticated world.” Phil Bredesen is too liberal and too out-of-touch to represent Tennessee.

Tool of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the Washington Democratic Establishment

A photo of Phil Bredesen and Chuck Schumer

Dangerously Weak on Illegal Immigration

  • Phil backed a program to give official government IDs to illegal immigrants. The program made Tennessee a hub for illegal immigrants, who traveled across the country to obtain the driving certificates.
  • At the time, news reports said Phil’s reckless plan lured in illegal aliens and the Knoxville County sheriff said Phil “opened up a floodgate” of illegal immigrants into Tennessee. 
  • Phil called President Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the Mexican border “political theater” and “not anything practical.”
  • Phil has accepted $15,000 in contributions from radical Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Kamala Harris (D-CA), both of whom have advocated abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  • Phil was critical of legislation focused on boosting criminal fines for employers of illegal aliens who ‘knowingly’ or ‘recklessly’ employ them.
  • Phil previously said he did not view illegal immigration as a “Top 10” issue. 
A photo of Phil Bredesen shouting

Out of Touch Liberal Elite

  • Phil’s former Legislative Director, who currently is working to elect him, called Trump voters “idiots” and evangelicals who supported Trump “racist.”
  • Phil said he was from “a more sophisticated world,” noting his Ivy League education, time as mayor, governor, and CEO of a publicly traded company.
  • Phil owns five homes (more outside of Tennessee than inside of Tennessee) and a private plane.
A photo of Phil Bredesen thinking

Liberal Record

A photo of Phil Bredesen

Typical Tax and Spend Liberal

A photo of Phil Bredesen speaking

Radical Views on Healthcare

A photo of Phil Bredesen grimacing

A Vote Against President Trump

  • Phil’s campaign accepted money from one of the unhinged left’s biggest backers, Tom Steyer, who has called for President Trump’s impeachment and has compared the President to Hitler.
  • Phil’s former Legislative Director, who currently is working to elect him, called Trump voters “idiots” and evangelicals who supported Trump “racist.”
  • Phil mocked President Trump’s proposed border wall saying it was “political theatre” and “not anything practical.” 
  • Phil has come out against the Trump tax cuts, echoing Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous claim that the bonuses, jobs, and higher wages Tennessee families are seeing are “crumbs.”
A photo of Phil Bredesen squinting in the sun